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Ecocharge is a product that lets users to possess their own source of electric power. Anywhere you are EcoCharge allows you to generate electricity from a hot round or flat objects. More hot the object be more energy you produce. The system employs thermoelectric modules to convert the heat to electricity by temperature difference from the heat source and the outside temperature.
EcoCharge sticks/attaches the heat source by its magnetic rows embedded in front of the product. For doing so, thermoelectric modules and magnets are installed on a flexible silicone plate. When you approximate EcoCharge to energy source, the plate bends and embraces the metal objects. This attribute helps the product to be used for round and edgy objects such as pan or pipe.

The goal in this project is not only turning any heat source to electricity, but it is the communication and education with design. EcoCharge represents one unknown energy source among all others around us. We are living in an age that human is shifting back to nature, mostly similar to the Romantic time in a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. So we are all responsible in this shift to trigger each other for leading towards clean energy sources. EcoCharge is equipped with a display. A OLED display shows what voltage produced by what temperature difference and what is the output. EcoCharge presents values of energy sources around us, no matter how little they are, but they can have impact. In my opinion, products like EcoCharge can trigger people to think more about alternative source around them.

EcoCharge works without having a battery. One of the design intentions were minimizing the use of material, and make it simple in parts and more understandable in use.