My main focus is on human object interaction.

Hello, I am an (not so famous) interdisciplinary designer who is fully trained to solve interaction problems, particularly with machines with no sentiments. I take pride in what I do; whether that is designing a product, identity, or an entire virtual/real-world experience.

My Thinking Process

My creative process can be summarized into three evolutionary interconnected stages.


- Complete understanding of both the problem and users.

- Explore how others solve similar problems.


- Come up with crazy solutions.

- Collect the best and iterate upon them.

- Iterate and test with lowest cost.


- Prototype and user test.

- Iterate again.

- Launch.


A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

Buckmunister Fuller, Futurist

I Design

Design is telling stories through different forms. To tell a good story one must find the best-suited medium. To leave an impact with your story, and not be forgotten one must feel empathy with the audience and see the world through their eyes. Sometimes you can change and save lives with your stories.

What Am I Trained For?

The digital age has created new sets of orders that give birth to new problems. For designers, it can’t get any more exciting to find them and solve them. Through my education I have always tried to learn, if not master, all the ingredients needed for the new age. The two most important are to understand human behaviour in encountering events and the technical tools to make the magic happen.

Human Behavior

As designing for humans I consider these two things


Stimuli evoking visceral behavior in humans, including colors, shapes and forms. Input received by our sensors provoking involuntarily emotions.


Analyzing and processing external information through rationale sense and judgment. Like making use of a product.


To be a renaissance designer you must be aware of both theoretical and empirical design tools and methods. Here are some areas that I endeavoured to expand my knowledge in.


Creative Design Theory

Conscious design decisions thrive from understanding of human behavior, design methodologies and the evolutionary creative thinking process.


Creative Coding

The number above is the average of all my programming knowledge such as HTML, CSS, Processing, Arduino, JavaScript. Didn’t include Objective-C because the knowledge is so little.


2D World

I’ve always tried to explore new tools to boost my creativity and productivity. The most powerful now is Adobe Creative Suite specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver.


3D World

As a product designer, I’m familiar with 3D prototyping both digital and physical. I use Rhino for 3D creation, laser cutting, foam, vacuum forming and 3D printing.

Form follows visual seduction too.

My Portfolio

Here are my interdisciplinary works. Some projects are not included due to confidentiality reasons.

Infographic Resume

Persio (Board Game)

Persio is a two person online strategic board game. The game was developed through various iterations and testing, I have included the very first prototype in the slides. Unfortunately Due to confidentiality reasons I can’t reveal the rules and more details. I should add that it was a school project.

The game is also half written in JavaScript. Click to try.

  • Winter 2012
  • System Design | Game Design | Coding
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Desgin Exchange Museum App Design

In collaboration with Design Exchange Museum and Ontario College of Art and Design we designed a system for Sportswear exhibition including iPad installations, app design and 2D games. The App deploys AR technology in order to make deeper interaction with the visitors both in digital and physical format. The exhibition is expected to be in summer 2015. The Exhibition consists of four sections, which are color coded in the design.

This was a team project under the supervision of Marie O’Mahony (Professor of Advanced Textiles for Fashion + Design at OCAD University). Here are only parts of the project; the rest of information is not share due to confidentiality reasons.

  • Summer 2014
  • Experience Design | App Idea Development | System Design | Design Research
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DX Museum App - Game (Swim)

It’s the extension of Design Exchange Museum App. The simple game will invite visitors to have a little more fun at the museum and also give them a chance to win prizes.

The game play is to collect more points within a specific time set. The mechanics consist of obstacles to avoid and stars to collect. The controls are only right and left, then as you proceed the game will speed up. There are three slides: the launch image, gameplay, and the end slide.

  • Summer 2014
  • System Design | Game Design | Illustration
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Persona Lab

The idea is to have a website that can make user research much easier for product developers. Details can’t be revealed due to confidentiality reasons.

The process of development consisted of various user surveys, user testing, interviews and critic sessions with design professionals.

  • Spring 2014
  • Product Development | User Research | UX Design
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Artwee2 is an interactive art installation, which gathers data from twitter API looking for Artwee2 hashtags, then it orders artwee2 box to take action and start drawing shapes. It was a 6 weeks school project. We used Bluetooth to transfer data to the board with Arduino board, all written in IDE software and Processing.js. There is also a screen, which reports the activity of ARTwee2 as it receives information and acts upon it.

You can watch Artwee2 in action here. The video is created by my partner Humberto Aldaz.

To read more about the system please click on View Project button.

  • Winter 2014
  • Processing | Arduino Experiment
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Rhythm Of Life

This is an eye band equipped with speakers and a microphone that echoes your own breathing sound to yourself. While closing your eyes, Rhythm of Life helps you to deeply engage in your breathing practices that would generate a balance between mind and body. So it will help you breath and get a little bit closer to yourself, and hear your existence, meditate, and distance yourself from the busy life.

  • Fall 2013
  • Wearables | User Experience
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Non Biologicals

This is a poster inspired by Ray Kurzweils' book “Singularity Is Near” in a form of a movie poster.

  • 18 September 2013
  • Movie Poster | Illustration
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  • ICT Poster

ICT Poster

The poster is a summary of 170 pages of network training guide. It’s 48*46 inches. It’s used to train new associates at Bell PMP. The objective is to have a complete guide of internet network and tools.

This document is the property of Bell Canada Enterprises, Bell Mobility and the Professional Management Program.

  • Spring 2013
  • Information Architecture | Research
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Adobe Premier Workshop Poster

This poster is to promote Adobe Premier workshop at Bell PMP.

This document is the property of Bell Canada Enterprises, Bell Mobility and the Professional Management Program.

  • Spring 2013
  • Graphic Design
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ParsCo Branding

Branding for a civil engineering firm in Halifax called ParsCo. It’s an ongoing project, as we need to work on company’s online identity and presence. Here you can see four different designs with variety of colors as for visceral and functional testing.

  • Summer 2014
  • Brand Strategy | Graphic Design
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Canada Eh!

Canada Eh! is a one player game about a girl newly landed on Canada exploring a city and facing stereotypes relating to Canadian culture. The game is designed for adolescents. City scene from top view is the landing page of the game where she finds herself in middle of the city. She explores the city by entering buildings and parks where she discovers more mini games inside each building, each different from another. She must collect badges in order to finish the game. The badges are collected from the mini games. This was a group project, which my teammate Melisa Phachanhla helped with building the game.

  • Winter 2014
  • Illustration | Game Design | Scenario Development
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EcoCool is a water filtering system that purifies water to a degree that can be consumable for plants. The idea is reusing the grey water while moisturizing the air. It works specifically for dry climates, where the porous clay pipes come to help vaporizing the water. At the end stage, system collects all the clean water to a container holding a soil. It’s perfect to grow home vegetables that are adaptable to wet soil.

This project has been featured in Swedish Disajn Magazine on their number 5 issue in 2012. It has also been featured in few other online design blogs like Inhabitant, TreeHugger and Yanko Design.

  • 18 September 2013
  • Product Development | 3D Modeling | Systems Design
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Ecocharge is a portable and green solution for giving your devices a quick boost by recycling heat energy. Using thermoelectric generator modules, the unit converts heat generated from cookware, home heaters or any other source into usable electricity. A flexible magnetic face attaches to any metal surface that it can be used anywhere there is a hot metal.

  • Spring 2012
  • Product Development | 3D Modeling | Systems Design
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Accordion Water Packaging

The objective of this project is redesigning/rebranding Canadian Springs bottles from the scratch. I wanted a product that is not only easy disposable and environmental friendly, but also eye-catching and interactive. The intention is getting users emotionally attracted and playfully fulfilled.

>> his is a school project.

  • Winter 2012
  • Packaging | Graphic Design
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A 3 dimensional painting representing “Aah” or “Alas” in Farsi script. It’s acrylic paint on sponge bricks.

  • Summer 2011
  • Art | Painting
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Rebranding the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

  • Winter 2012
  • Branding | Layout Design
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A bookcover for a very sad story of Elie Wiesel.

  • Winter 2011
  • Book Cover
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Branding for high end Italian restaurant.

  • Fall 2012
  • Brand Design
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Why We Make Mistakes

A book cover designed for JOSEPH T. HALLINAN’s book “Why We Make Mistakes”.

  • Spring 2011
  • Book Cover | Graphic Design
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Mobile Workstation

Mobile workstation is about providing studio desks that could be rearrange for meeting and collaborative projects.

  • Fall 2011
  • Product Design | Human Factor
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  • Tittle: Tehran

    This is an illustration done by guasche and marker. It depicts a scene from Tehran city, my birth place.

  • Tittle: Mind Control

    This is a painting done in acrylic and marker on canvas.

  • Tittle: Mind Control

    This is a painting done in acrylic and marker on canvas.

  • Tittle: Superstitious

    This is painting done in acrylic on canvas and pastel.

  • Tittle: Untittled

    3D character design done in Maya.

  • Tittle: Visious Delisious

    A painting done in water color and marker.

  • Tittle: White Sand

    A digital painting done in Photoshop.

Some Artworks

Here is a small collection of my painting and artistic period.

  • 2009 - 2011
  • Art | Illustration | Digital Art
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