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"A designer is an emerging synthetic of artist, inventor,
mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist."

Buckminister Fuller

Accordion Water Bottles

Collapsible paper water bottle design.


Board based game to improve brain function.
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Thermoelectrical charger.


A system for reusing grey water.

Ongoing Projects

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Green shower

The Green Shower project focuses on the potentials of wasted hot water in household bathrooms. Through this project I study and experiment different ways of benefiting and reusing greywater. My point in this project is to redesign some of our bad habits of water consumption.


Toys for collaboration

In this project I look into new children games that could help them to develop stronger social skills. I believe technology is redesigning our social world which requires/creates different form for socialization (not specifically in a bad way). We need a generation to be strong in both worlds. This project is at study and research level where I research to find out the ways we can use kids technological skills to enhance their real world social skills.


airport resting areas

From what I've heard and my own experience at terrible resting areas at airports. I decided to discover easy and cheap ways to satisfy transit passengers especially in emergency situations. So I started redesigning of resting areas considering each passenger to provide all of their needs.


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Accordion Water Bottles

Collapsible paper water bottle design.


Board game to improve brain functions.


Mobile thermoelectrical charger.


System of reusing grey water in bathroom.